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Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel, a giant Ferris wheel on Pier 57, has quickly become an iconic part of the city’s skyline since its opening in 2012. Extending over Elliott Bay, it provides spectacular views of the downtown area, the waterfront, and the surrounding mountains. It’s not only an attraction but also a symbol of the city’s innovative outlook and appreciation for stunning vistas.


Seattle’s Great Wheel was conceived as a means to revitalize the waterfront and provide an experience comparable to famous observation wheels in other great cities. It was the brainchild of local businessman Hal Griffith, who had envisioned a Ferris wheel in Seattle for over 30 years. After overcoming multiple challenges, his vision came to life, and the Great Wheel opened to the public on June 29, 2012. It stands 175 feet tall and was the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast of the United States at the time of its opening.


The Seattle Great Wheel is located at the end of Pier 57, Miner’s Landing, which is a part of the central waterfront area of Seattle. The address is:

Seattle Great Wheel
1301 Alaskan Way,
Seattle, WA 98101,
United States

The wheel is easily accessible from downtown and is a prominent feature of the Seattle waterfront.


To check out ticket prices, hours of operation, and special event bookings, visitors should refer to the official website of the Seattle Great Wheel at The site is also a great place to learn about the wheel’s features and to purchase tickets in advance.

Opening Hours

The Seattle Great Wheel typically operates all year round, but hours may vary by season and weather conditions. Generally, the hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday to Sunday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

It is always a good idea to verify the current hours on the website or by contacting the attraction directly, as private events or maintenance can affect opening times.

Things to do

The Seattle Great Wheel offers a number of enjoyable experiences:

  • Ride the Wheel: Enjoy three full rotations on the wheel, which last around 15-20 minutes, providing ample time to take in the views.
  • VIP Gondola: For a more luxurious experience, book the VIP gondola, which features leather seats, a glass floor, and a longer ride time.
  • Photo Opportunities: The wheel is equipped with photo systems in some gondolas, allowing you to capture your experience with the backdrop of the city and bay.
  • Light Shows: The wheel features LED light shows on certain evenings, which can be viewed from the surrounding areas for a dazzling spectacle.
  • Nearby Attractions: Pier 57 also includes other attractions like the Miner’s Landing, with its restaurants and shops, adding more to your visit.

Tips For Visiting

When planning a visit to the Seattle Great Wheel, consider these tips:

  1. Buy Tickets in Advance: Skip the line by purchasing tickets online ahead of time, especially during peak seasons or weekends.
  2. Visit During Sunset: For a particularly stunning view, try to time your ride around sunset, when the sky and cityscape can be truly breathtaking.
  3. Check the Weather: Views are best on clear days, but the gondolas are enclosed, so the wheel operates rain or shine.
  4. Consider a VIP Experience: For a special occasion, the VIP gondola offers a more private and luxurious experience.
  5. Parking: Parking can be tricky in the waterfront area, so look for nearby public lots or consider public transportation.
  6. Bundle Attractions: Look for ticket bundles that include other nearby attractions for a full day of fun on the waterfront.
  7. Accessibility: The Seattle Great Wheel is accessible to wheelchair users, ensuring everyone can enjoy the ride.


The Seattle Great Wheel is not just a ride; it’s a destination that offers a unique perspective of the city and its natural surroundings. Whether you’re capturing a romantic moment, enjoying quality time with family, or simply seeking a new view of Seattle, the Great Wheel delivers an unforgettable experience. Combining thrilling heights with the serene beauty of the Pacific Northwest, a spin on this modern marvel is a must-do for visitors and residents alike.

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